Nutritious food is very necessary for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman requires 80 thousand extra calories in order to give birth to a healthy child because around 300 additional calories are spent everyday during pregnancy, which is equal to the amount of calories present in a glassful of low fat milk, a bread slice, and an apple.

Calcium rich food should be taken during pregnancy. Calcium prevents high blood pressure in a pregnant woman. A woman should drink two to three glasses of low fat milk during pregnancy. She should take it before, during pregnancy and after delivery.

Cook rice or barley in milk instead of water to get sufficient amount of calcium. Eat calcium rich things, as during pregnancy 1000 mg of calcium is required everyday.

The pregnant woman should avoid constipation and therefore she should drink more water, as it is also beneficial for the child growing inside the womb. Drink at least eight glasses of water during the day. Drink water before and after meals. Skimmed milk or fruit juice is also beneficial.

A pregnant woman also requires iron during these days. She should take protein rich food, dry beans, green peas etc. Iron is difficult to add in the food but it is very important. Eat iron rich food as much as possible. Cook vegetables in iron pans and take, iron tablets etc.

Avoid fish, and meat during pregnancy, as it could be harmful for the child. Reduce tea and coffee or completely avoid it as it reduces the weight of the child and leads to several other problems.

Different types of meat contain bacteria called hysteria, which could be dangerous for the health of the child growing inside the womb.

Fat is useful only when it is prepared from pasteurized milk. The child growing inside the womb depends on the food intake of its mother. Do not eat such foods which will have an adverse affect on the child’s health in order to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. The child will not get sufficient nutrition. Eat green leafy vegetables and a variety of things during pregnancy to get all types of minerals and vitamins.
Take lukewarm lemon water with honey or take a fruit or vegetable juice.

Take four to five almonds and 20 to 25 gm raisins, three to four dry dates along with milk and half a cup of fruit (apple, papaya and pear etc.) at 9 a.m

Take fruit juice or raw vegetable soup at noon.

Take lunch at 1.30 p.m, which should include chapatti made with whole wheat flour, salad, vegetable, curd (yoghurt), etc. Take salad in good quantity.

Take some fruit at 5 p.m or fruit juice or lukewarm lemon water with honey.

Take vegetable soup at 7.30 p.m.

Take lentils, vegetable, salad and one or two chapattis at 8 p.m or fruit and vegetable soup, and drink milk at bedtime. Take vegetable soup after a half hour of eating fruits.

Take something in between if hungry, like fruits, juice, etc.

Do not take tea or coffee, or take it only once daily.

A woman should not take food in excess but it should be rich in vitamins and minerals, and nutritious.


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