The Common Misconceptions About Acne

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The Common Misconceptions About Acne

When you first start to notice those little red spots on your face, you may start to think that the problem was caused by a certain thing. Sometimes you may blame your acne breakout on a completely unreasonable cause. The best thing that you can do is to not put your finger on any one thing. Doing this will make it much easier to find the right treatment program for yourself. 

Here s a small list of some of the more common reasons we blame our pimple breakouts on: 

The biggest misconception about acne is that it is totally fine to get it during puberty when you are a teenager. People would simply associate the problem with adolescence. This however, is not true. There are reasons as to why a teenager would get acne due to hormonal changes, but it is a misunderstanding that acne is something only teens can get. If you did a little research on acne, you would find that there are many adults who have the same problems with acne as teenagers do. For some people it has nothing to do with age.

Another big one is that breakouts are caused by excessive stress. Many people of all ages believe this to be a fact. But it again, is a false belief as there has actually been no connection directly between stress and acne. This includes the stress of your daily life, work and study. It mainly comes down to the way you look after your skin and your diet. If you do not keep your skin clean, you have a greater chance of getting blemishes.

Most people think that acne is purely a physical problem but it has been shown that it is also a very emotional burden for some. There are many types of emotional pain that it can cause. One that s right up at the top is a low self esteem. Living in a world that s a superficial as the one we live in doesn t help and you would feel very insecure about yourself whenever you have eyes staring at you. Generally, those with acne are very timid people and they are sometimes classed as ugly and teased by others.

Another one of the biggest misconceptions about acne is that it is brought about by eating mainly oily foods. Chocolate, fried foods, chips and other foods must never be the blame. Although they can aggravate acne, they are never seen as the actual cause, otherwise there would be a much more prevalence of adult acne because so many people have high fat diets. The first thing you need to do is see to it that you have a good face cleansing regime in place.

You have to do your research and find out what the real causes of acne are and not just pay attention to the common misconceptions you will hear everyone tell you. These could end up doing more harm than good in your effort to get rid of acne. There is also no one cause of acne either. So what worked for another might not work for you, but keeping your skin clean and eating a healthy diet will always help.

Author : Robert Kokoska


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