Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to Nature's five elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether - a composite representation of all forces of Nature.

The element Earth stands for the solid structure like bones. Water is representative of the fluids like blood, lymph, etc. Air represents the breath of life, Fire symbolises the vitality and Ether or Space personifies the reflection of the human spirit - Soul - the unseen aspect of the human entity.

In positive health, each of these elements is in equilibrium and well balanced. Any disturbance in this equilibrium due to any cause leads to acummulations of toxins and morbidity which manifest in diseases. Naturopathy aligns us with the self-preservative Will of Nature to protect and heal the body from within, by weeding out the undesirable, with a strong sense of WILL POWER.

"Sometimes all our five senses lose the rhythm of their functional corelation. This causes an imbalance in the overall co-ordination of the faculties. Nature and Yoga help restore the balance." says Charakasamhita.

The relevance of Nature Cure in today's life. 
The unbridled growth of industrialisation, accentuated by modern science and technology, has created a situation, which prevents man from bestowing adequate care and attention even to his minimal personal health needs. Health is not something that can be purchased in a bottle from a drug store, but a condition built over the years from within by our own vital processes through conscientious efforts and self-control or will power.

According to the basic concept of Naturopathy or Nature cure, healing comes from within the body itself. There are self-curative forces which are inherent in the human body working towards health and healing. Infact, a Naturopath provides required guidance, whereas it is the duty of patient to pave the way towards health by self-control of diet and exercise.

Diseases are caused due to "the violation of Nature's laws", i.e.breach of rules of diet, exercises, sleep, relaxation, drinking water etc. "Disease as such is the self-purifying effort of Nature", proclaims Naturopathy.

Dr.Lindlahr, an eminent Naturopath, states "Every acute disease is the result of the cleansing and healing effort of Nature. If you suppress the conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying foundation for chronic diseases. All diseases, from a simple cold to skin eruptions, diarrhoea, fever etc., represent nature's effort to remove from the system some of the accumulated morbid matter and some poisons dangerous to health and life". Drugging is like whipping an already exhausted horse.

Naturopathy believes that the germs which cause disease appear and flourish only where morbid matter has accumulated. Hence, a disease cannot attack unless there is already a soil in which the germs can thrive. When waste products in the body become very strong, the self-curative forces (vitality) work at low pace and nature loses its fight, diseases result in.

In the order of healing sciences, Naturopathy stands first, but unfortunately it is practised last after hopelessly trying all other medical sciences. It is beyond doubt that Nature Cure is a sure cure for a majority of the diseases and though inexpensive, it is very effective. In other words, it is a drugless healing which is unique because it has no side-effects what so ever. It has preventive, curative and promotive aspects of health. It only demands a little sacrifice, time,patience and perseverance.

This unique charitable health centre or institute houses all drugless therapies like hydrotherpay, mud therapy, colon irrigation, dietetics, nutrition, fasting therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, herbology, massage therapy, exercise and yoga therapy, physio/electro therapy, etc.,- all are sheltered under one head to facilitate holistic, comprehensive benefits to the patients. It also helps for furtherance of this system of medicine and to unravel its potentialities to its fullest by various research works.


Fasting is willing abstinence from food to attain health and to maintain normal functions of the body.

In principle, during fasting, the stored food breaks down and comes into use and simultaneously the toxins deposited in the body are burnt out

Fasting is a curative tool in Naturopathy which holds that all diseases arise from a defective digestive system & deposition of toxins in the body due to faulty lifestyle.

There are three types of fasting viz., dry fasting, water fasting and fasting on diluted fruit juice. Dry fasting where nothing is taken should not be continued for more than 3 days and should be always under medical guidance. Water fasting is resorted to in chronic condition of diseases, and fasting on juice wherein 2-3 litres of water together with low calorie fruit juices can be prescribed in almost all cases.

All fasting should be under medical supervision.


During fasting, apart from physical, mental and sensory rest, internal cleansing takes place and to help the process, enema and colon therapy will be highly effective. In the process, toxins get eliminated.

Light exercises like yogasanas, brisk walk, light gymnasium can be taken depending upon the condition of the patient.


Fasting together with exercises, enema and colon Hydrotherapy detoxifies the entire system in that the accumulated toxins and putrefactions deposited for long due to wrong food habit, mental stress, indigestion and faulty lifestyle, get cleansed.

It is important that after fasting, a patient should break the fast gradually with fruit juice, fruits, salads and then with normal cooked diet.


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