Are you persistently irregular? Yes, you're uncomfortable, but if 
you're about to reach for the laxatives, stop! 

Indian Ayurvedic medicine's Triphala, in Elite's own unique formula, 
will do much more for you than any ordinary herbal laxative. 
Triphala is the most popular herbal formula in India, where it's 
much revered for its powers, and it's becoming known in the West.

Triphala is exceptional because not only does it function as a 
laxative, it's also an all-round health booster. Triphala will end 
constipation and make you regular, and it will also completely tone 
and regularise your system.

Many minor health conditions, like

overweight and chronic tiredness 
aren't illnesses in themselves. However, they are signs of an 
imbalance in the body. Triphala regularises all your body's systems. 

The two kinds of herbal laxative and why Triphala is different

Today many people live a relatively sedentary lifestyle. They work 
at an office, where they sit all day. They walk to their car, then 
spend the evening in front of the TV.

It's no wonder that herbal laxatives are so popular. However, as 
efficient as your laxative may be, it's not helping you to good 

Let's look at the two main kinds of herbal laxatives: purgative 
laxatives, and bulk-creating laxatives. 

A purgative natural laxative contains herbs such as senna, rhubarb, 
buckthorne and cascara. They work by stimulating the peristaltic 
action in the intestine, and can work very quickly and violently.

The other common kind of herbal laxative is one that creates bulk 
with herbs like such as psyllium and flax seed. These laxatives work 
by swelling and absorbing water, so that natural peristalsis of the 
body occurs.

Of the purgatives and bulk-creating laxatives, only the bulk-
creators provide any nutrition - and then only a tiny amount.

Triphala is different. Yes, it's laxative, but it's also much more. 
It's been called the body's own natural mother, because it cares for 
the body's internal organs like a mother caring for her child.

Amazing Triphala supports every system of your body, including the 
nervous system, the excretory system, the digestive system, and the 
circulatory system. 

This wonderful combination of Indian fruits is a tonic for your 
heart, as well as for your liver. It has also been found to be 
effective in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and colitis.

Triphala starts its work by cleansing and detoxifying your entire 
body, giving you a fresh start on your journey to bouncing health 
and vital energy. It tones the digestive tract, so that you never 
need to feel bloated again. 

Triphala helps your digestion: it makes sure that your body extracts 
every particle of nourishment from the food you eat. This is 
especially important as we age, because all our systems slow down - 
Triphala helps your digestion to work smoothly, relieving symptoms 
like heartburn and gastric reflux, and improving the assimilation of 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, Triphala has been found to 
reduce blood pressure. 

Around middle age, gall bladder problems, with associated 
inflammation in the bowel, is a common problem. Since Triphala is 
both antiviral and antibacterial, it has an anti-inflammatory 
effect, which relieves pain.

Once you start on Triphala, you'll find that it regulates both 
constipation and diarrhoea, so that you're never troubled by these 
common ailments.

How should you use Triphala?
To maintain health, once started Triphala should be taken every day 
for life, working up to three tablets per day.


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