If you are a contact lens user it is very important that you take propercare of your lenses so that your precious set of eyes remains protected. Contact lenses are subject to daily wear and tear that may increase micro organisms and deposits in it.
Not cleaning contact lenses regularly may result in increase in the layer of the deposits and absorbed material on the surface. This may result in discomfort and affect vision. To know how to keep your contact lenses clean and durable, read on.

Tips for basic care of your lenses

Here are some tips which are useful for the basic care of your contact lenses. This forms the basis of lens care regime. So tonight when it is time to take off your lenses the following tips will make taking care of lenses easier and simpler.

  • Avoid moisturising or using antibacterial soap when washing yourhands to prevent contaminating lens
  • Fill your contact lens case with solution before replacing lens in case to help avoid damage
  • Keep your contact lenses always moist
  • Avoid using permanent or lash building mascara's as these can create deposits on contact lenses that are difficult to remove
  • Use contact lenses only through medical guidance and valid prescription to avoid risk
  • Keep your contact lenses case clean and tightly closed
  • Remove your contact lenses while sleeping
  • Keep the solutions in a cool dry place and away from dust and filth
  • Remove the lenses from your eye in such a way that your nails does not harm your eyes

Tips for cleaning contact lenses

Cleaning contact lenses is much more than just dumping them in the lens case filled with 

solution. Taking a little extra care can make your lenses last longer.
  • Wash your hands properly before removing the contact lenses from eyes
  • Start cleaning with the same contact lens always, (left eye first) so you do not mix up your lenses
  • Avoid pouring lotion on your hands as this may get on your lens when cleaning
  • Use oil free foundation and other moisturisers when wearing contact lenses.
  • Avoid cleaning contact lenses with saliva, it is a very harmful practice
  • Clean the lenses with the solution recommended by your eye doctoror optician only
  • Avoid touching the tips of cleaning solutions for your lenses as this can contaminate the cleaning solution.
  • Clean the contact lenses whenever you remove them.
  • Rinse the cleaning solution on lenses properly
  • Rinse your contact lenses and flush your eyes if your contact lenses start irritating your eyes
  • Remove the contact lenses and clean it if a dust particle suddenly enters your eye

Taking care of cosmetic contact lenses or coloured contact lenses
Cosmetic contact lenses, coloured contact lenses or crazy coloured contacts are less durable and care is required in this case too. Thesetypes of contact lenses are disposable; do not use them for a longer time. Dispose them off quickly and protect your eyes from contamination of the contact lenses. Remember, that these contact lenses are required to be safely placed in contact lens case after use. You should also check contact lens reviews before using such contact lenses to avoid eye problems while using these contact lenses. Soft contact lenses care

You should be extra careful because 
 soft contact lenses are very delicate as compared to hard contact lenses. Use only those lens cleaners that are designed to clean soft lens. Some soft contact lenses may require heatcleaning process. Consult your eye doctor or optician regarding the same.Hard contact lenses cleaning

The hard contact lenses are much more long lasting than the soft contact lenses. These lenses also require a special solution which is designed for cleaning them. Take all required precaution while using them and follow the cleaning process religiously, if you value your eyes.
Cleaners for contact lenses

Depending upon the kind of brand you use and the amount of protein your eye deposits on your lenses, your doctor may recommend a required product for its removal. Usually it is a protein removal cleaner. Products for removing protein include enzymatic cleaners and daily protein removal liquids. Multipurpose solution, saline solutions, daily cleaners, hydrogen peroxide and enzyme tablets are some of the products used for cleaning contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a blessing for those who do not like wearingspectacles. The tiny thin and transparent film like objects helps vision but may have adverse effects too, if not taken care of. So while you are ready to place your lenses in your sensitive eyes, ensure that your lenses are always clean and well-looked after.
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1 right eye glasses for you

You may ask your optician for advise regarding the style and colour of your frame to match the shape of your facehe right kind of frame can add to your overall personality and make you all the more attractive. Today, spectacles have become an extremely important fashion accessory. In fact in this day and age, I have heard of women without a number wearingspectacles just so that they can enhance a certain feature. The same goes forcoloured contact lenses
You may ask your optician for advise regarding the style and colour of your frame to match the shape of your face. He will be the perfect person to tell you what is in fashion. But make sure that you get a perfect fit.
Nevertheless, here are a few guidelines:
1. The bridge of your frame must fit correctly on the top of your nose.
2. In case your nose is short or stubby, the bridge should be light in colour and set high on the nose.
3. Use a bridge frame of a medium tone and position it low on a long nose.
4. For eyes that are close-set, the bridge of the frames should be colourless.
5. As a deciding factor for the line of the frame, always follow the shape of your eyebrows.
6. Shallow frames generally suit short or small faces.
7. A deeper frame would go well with a long face.
8. A frame with heavy corners goes well on a square face.

9. If you are one of the lucky few with an oval face, you can choose just about any shape.
10. The sides of the frame should be just the correct length to fit well, but they should not block your side view or be too broad for the face.
You must also make sure that the frame you choose goes well with your hairstyle. So in case you have a thick fringe it is more advisable to wear contact lenses if possible, because any kind of spectacles would look awful. Do not forget to keep your eyebrows neat and clean. If you wear spectacles, eye make-up should be applied carefully because if you are shortsighted, your eyes tend to look smaller. And conversely if you are longsighted your eyes may look unnaturally big through the frames. 
So the next time you go off to buy glasses, keep these tips in mind!
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