While losing weight is a Herculean task, maintaining it is no joke either. We all have heard about the thumb rule – eat less and exercise more, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Dieters would agree!

Many a times during a day, those untimely hunger pangs and snack breaks increase our calorie intake and lower our energy expenditure. Also, there are many things around us that influence the ratio of consumed versus burnt calories. We share with you five easy ways to maintain your weight...

Quantity of food
Measuring your quantity of food is very significant. It’s always the amount of food intake that is taken into consideration and not what the meal looks like. Like a small muffin might appear as a food item which would not exceed the 150 calorie limit, but you will be surprised to know that 1/3 of a muffin has around 450 calories. Also, the habit of eating whatever meets the eye is a dangerous trend. The trick is to have food in smaller bowls and plates.

Sleep well

People who get less sleep have higher risk of obesity and other health problems as well. Lack of sleep can disrupt the normal chemical signals in your body and make you crave more. So try to get enough sleep. And make sure not to snack mindlessly especially late at night.

Location affect
Surroundings always affect how active we are. As an example people in neighborhood without pavement or side walks or who live far from recreational facilities they are more likely to be obese. To solve this problem try to add physical activity and exercise in your daily routine.

Set short goals
In the beginning it is difficult to start with a big task. So it’s good to start with small achievements. Pick 1 or 2 challenges which you can change. Like start your walk with quarter of a mile and increase day by day or cut out 1 soda everyday. You just need to try this once and gradually when you will meet each goal you can reach on next level.

Form a group
We perform well under each others company or influence. The results can be really different if you workout with friends, family or co-workers to develop healthy lifestyle. Like form a walking group with co-workers or dance class with your partner. In group if one person gets down in zeal the other boost his moral.


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