Normal Skin
One hundred percent normal skin is a rare blessing.
*It is smooth textured with no visible pores.
*It shows no signs of dryness in youth.
*It has an even tone that is not too pale, sallow or red.
*It will tend towards dryness with age and as a result of external influence. 

*Cleanse using a wipe-off or wash-off cleanser for normal-to-dry skin.
*Tone using alcohol-free toner one a water-moistened cotton ball.
*Hydrate with a moisturizer for normal skin.

*Remove your eye make-up first, then cleanse, as above, but more thoroughly. 
*Apply moisturizer or a lightweight night lotion.

Dry Skin
*It has a fine, matter texture.
*It may be on the sensitive side.
*There are usually no open pores.
*It is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles than other skin types.
*It is more vulnerable to the effects of central heating and sunlight.
*Very fair skin is often dry.

5-minute Skin-Care Morning
*Cleanse quickly, using a wipe-off cleanser for dry skin.
*Tone, using alcohol-free toner on water-moistened cotton ball.
*Hydrate with a moisturizer for dry skin, preferably one containing a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Avoid and protect your eyes.

*Remove your eye make-up.
*Cleanse as above.
*Apply a night-cream.

Oily Skin
*It has open pores.

*It will shine an hour or so after washing.
*It may look oily on waking.
*It has a tendency to spots and blackheads.
*It is less susceptible to wrinkles than other skin types.
5-minute skin-care 

*Cleanse quickly, using a wipe-off cleanser for normal-to-oily skin or a soap-free cleansing bar. Rinse very thoroughly.
*Tone using a toner that should be diluted if it contains alcohol so that it is not too drying. Moisten your cotton wool with water.
*Moisturize where needed, using an oil-free or gel moisturizer.

*Remove eye make-up, then cleanse as above, but more thoroughly.
*Apply moisturizer just where needed.

Sensitive Skin
*Looks fragile and translucent.
*It is generally dry.
*It may have freckles.
*It tends to become flushed, blotchy and irritated in extremes of temperature or through using harsh cleansing products.
*It may suffer from broken red veins, dermatitis, and allergies.

5-minute skin-care
Follow the program for dry skin.

Special tips
*Look for hypoallergenic products that are scent-free.
*Before trying a new product do a patch test. Rub a good amount on to your shoulder and leave it one overnight. If there is no sign of irritation, apply some to your neck and wait again. If there is no reaction, then the product will probably be safe to use on your face.

Black Skin
*Tends towards extremes of oiliness or dryness, which can be a real problem, since these conditions are more visible against a darker complexion. Dry black skin may appear grayish in color.
*It needs very gentle care as face scrubs, spots, ear piercing and hair removal can make the supply of melanin uneven, leading to skin that is darker or lighter in some places than others.


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