Tips for asthmatics

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Tips for asthmatics 

While Exercising

1. Exercise induced asthma is very common. Workouts do tend to make you take short, shallow breaths. Asthmatics obviously endure that much more breathlessness than normal people do. Take your inhaler to your work out sessions. A couple of puffs ten minutes before you start exercising should hold you in good stead. Use again if you feel wheezy during exercises.

2. If a particular kind of exercise or game affects you a lot, avoid doing it. It may be great to lose weight but not at the cost of damaging your lungs!

3. If your allergies are acting up, or you are coming down with a cold, avoid exercises. Instead, drink a lot of hot fluids. Go for a walk later, when you are feeling better.

4. If you have seasonal allergies, don't exercise outdoors.
At Home

1. Always keep medications on hand. Ensure you stock up regularly. You never know when you could get an attack and it is tough to be stuck without medication at home. Inhalers especially, are vital for quick relief.

2. If your child is asthmatic, teach her to handle her inhalers and other medication on her own. If you are not around, she needs to manage her asthmatic attacks on her own. This again, does not pertain to drugs that need adult supervision.

3. Breathing exercises help tackle asthma. Learn the

technique and do it regularly at home. They strengthen your lungs.

4. Always inform your doctor if you notice the efficacy of the medication is reducing.

5. Keep your house dust free. Identify your allergens and keep them out of the house. Vacuum regularly.

6. Avoid getting colds. Keep away from people who have them. Dose your self with home remedies to prevent a cold.

7. Lead an active life.

General Tips

1. Always carry your medication around.

2. Severe sudden asthma attacks can be dangerous and sometimes, even fatal. It can happen to people with mild asthma, too.

3. Carry the telephone number and address of your doctor when you go out. He can be contacted easily, if an emergency should arise.


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