television and your eyes

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television and your eyes

If your children are watching television sitting very close to it, immediately consult an eye doctor. They may be having problems with their eyes.

How far should one sit from the TV?

Rule 1:

The size of your television room and the television determine how far you should sit from the TV. A general rule is: Stay as far from your TV screen as visual comfort permits.

Rule 2:

In order to see the picture without strain, sit comfortably by resting your back on the back of the chair. Keep the chin a little raised, the lids a little down and blink frequently.

Rule 3:

In general, a large screen permits comfortable viewing because it gives clearer vision at a greater distance. However, a large screen in a small room is not recommended.

How should lighting be in the TV room?

Never watch TV in a dark room. One should have additional light in the viewing area. The contrast between the bright screen and surrounding darkness causes undue fatigue to the eyes. Use soft, indirect lighting, making sure that the screen does not reflect the light.


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