Mini Workout Benefits

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Regular exercise makes healthier people. It creates health benefits like longevity, disease prevention, weight management, and disease control. Additionally, it helps to build flexibility and muscle tone. It increases circulation that can help increase artery size, thereby decreasing the chance of clogged arteries. At the most basic level, If you want your full potential, try a little fitness to your routine.

1. The Importance Of Fitness
Fitness helps us appear, feel, and act to our full potential. It is essentially the capability to complete everyday responsibilities energetically and actively, with energy remaining at the end of the day for appreciation of liberty activities. Fitness means being able to handle situations where the average individual might fail. It is the core of excellent health. Physical fitness affects the entire body. It also involves emotional well being. If your body feels good, your mind does too. In todays busy society, though, many people dont have time for exercise. They simply dont have the time to become physically fit. There are, though, several mini-workouts that can move you toward your physical fitness goal.
2. Mini Workout Number One

The first mini-workout takes about ten minutes. For the first five minutes, warm up by walking at a quick pace. Notice your posture and try to keep it as straight and tall as possible. Spend the next three minutes at a very fast walk or a slow jog. Finish the workout off by spending the last two minutes at a quick walking pace, allowing your heart rate to settle into its normal pattern. Walking or light jogging for any length of time is an excellent exercise choice for most people for a number of reasons. One reason it is so popular is that it requires little in the way of preparation.

3. Walking Shoes
A sturdy pair of walking shoes will take you a long way to meeting your exercise goals. Additionally, there is a very low risk of injury associated with walking. It is relatively harmless on the joints as one foot is always on the ground. Therefore, when the other foot strikes the ground, it carries little more than a persons total body weight with it. Another benefit to walking is that it can be done anywhere. You can walk in the comfort of a shopping mall, a local high school track, or a nature trail. Wherever you decide to walk, though, be sure you have your personal safety in mind. Walking can reduce stress by refreshing your brain and increasing your energy level. If you decide to walk, try to walk at a pace you can maintain for the entirety of the walk. Slow down if you feel any type of pain or any shortness of breath.
4. Mini Workout Number Two

This one takes approximately fifteen minutes. Spend the first two minutes climbing a few flights of stairs or doing some jumping jacks. Then spend eight minutes in power walk mode. Spend the next three minutes exactly as you did the first two minutes, and polish the workout off with two final minutes of brisk walking.

5. Mini Workout Number Three

Try this one in about twenty minutes. Spend the first two minutes stretching from side to side, your arms reaching for your feet. Spend the next minute doing squats with an imaginary overhead press. For the next three minutes, you should jog in place. Add an extra minute and spend some time doing lunges. The next minute should be spent with your feet locked together, jumping from side to side. Spend minute eight doing as many push-ups as you can in one minute. Minute nine should be spent in a push-up position bring each knee as far toward your hands as you can alternately. In the last eleven minutes, repeat the first ten minutes with the last minute doing a cool down to slow the heart rate back to normal.


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