Facial tips for men

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Day in and day out at work not only stresses the mind but the skin too. So if you are looking out for options to give your skin a well-deserved treat, check out these facials specially recommended for men. You can try any one of these to suit your skin needs.

Express radiance facial

If you do not get time to take care of your skin you can go for this facial type. You just have to take out 35 minutes form your busy schedule for this facial. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, natural mask, shoulder massage followed by toning and moisturising. This is great option for busy men to avoid long sessions of facials.

Regenerating facial

This facial suits all the skin types. If you want to get fresh and unmarked skin you just have to spend your 60 minutes. This facial is helpful for coping with sun damages, and pigmentation. It is good for the men who are exposed to the sun quite often. It includes dual cleansing, steamexfoliation, shoulder massaging, pressure point facial massaging and mask followed by moisturisation with sun protection. This is a good treatment for coping with the harsh effects of environment on the skin.

Dermalogica facial

If you want to get rid of your dehydrated and rough skin you may prefer this facial. Customised mask is a special feature of this type of facial. Like other facial it involves cleansing, steam exfoliation, shoulder massage, facial pressure point massage, mask, hand and scalp massage with hydration of skin. It requires 60 minutes for the completion of the entire process of this facial.

Aromasque facial

This facial uses aromatic oils. This facial is the best for relaxing and hydrating skin. It is a perfect blend for stabilising soul, body and mind. This is because of the holistic effect of aromatic oils. This facial is suited for men performing under high pressure jobs.

Microdermabrasion facial

This facial is beneficial for coping with various skin problems. It is good forskin problems arising due to prolonged exposure to sun, stress and ageing process. It is helpful for giving a smoother and glowing look to your skin. It helps development of new cells. Regular treatments of this facial give best results

Filmomasque facials

The filmomasque facial is helpful for treating worn-out complexion. It is used for treating fine lines and wrinkles. Thai pressure point massage is used effectively in this facial. 


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