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Using colour that is too harsh, or leaving the colour on for too long, may also damage your hair. In any case, your natural hair that grows out will be just as healthy as it always was, and the only portion that will get damaged is the coloured part, so don't believe that your hair will get ruined for life aftercolouring it! In fact, if your hair is too oily, get it coloured to balance it out.
Should I colour my hair if I have split ends?
If your hair is damaged, colouring it will only damage it further. Wait until your hair recovers before subjecting it to any form of chemical treatment.
Why should I do a strand test?
If you are colouring your hair by yourself, make sure you do a strand test. Many women apply colour to their hair and wash it off only to find that their hair has not caught any colour at all. So colour a very small portion of your hair first, to see how long you need to leave the colour on. If you have curly hair, leave the colour on for less time than that specified, as curly hair is porous, and catches colour easily. If your hair is straight and healthy, it may take a while longer to colour your hair, so leave it on accordingly. After taking the strand test, you will get a general idea as to whether you need to leave the colour on for more or less time.
After-Colour Care
Oil your hair at least once a week. Apply a generous amount of warm oil to your scalp, and massage well, so the oil spreads right to the ends of your hair. After applying oil, whip up the yoke of an egg and apply it to your hair, for extra conditioning. If you like, you could add curd to this mixture too. All of these natural products are excellent for the hair, and provides it with all the nourishment it needs.
Leave the oil, egg and curd on for at least 45 minutes, and then shampoo your hair. Use a gentle shampoo, preferable one especially formulated for coloured hair.
Apply conditioner after shampooing your hair, to prevent your hair from drying. You could also consider a leave-in conditioner, which is preferable for chemically processed hair.


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